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VW Camper Van Conversion

At Freebird Camper Van Conversions we manufacture new camper vans for sale, and also convert customer’s own vans to their specs.

We stock a good selection of trim and finishes to give your van that custom feel. Having at one time or another, owned all the VW transporter types, from splitscreen, bay window through to T4 and T5, you can say that we’ve truly been bitten by the VW bug.

We started converting vans to fill the gap for an affordable reliable camper with a quality finish and functional design, making reasonably priced professional camper van conversions at the Freebird Conversions workshop in Devon.

Give us a ring at our workshop on 01769 580033 to find out how we can help you with your camper van Conversion or Email: click here to contact the workshop For more information about Freebird VW Camper Van Conversions click here

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Vw Camper Van Exteriors

The Freebird Conversions Workshop supplies roof bars for elevating roofs, bike racks, awnings, everything to add to your camper van fun.

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Vw Camper Van Full Conversions

As well as converting customer’s own vans at The Freebird Conversions Workshop, we convert new, or nearly new, VW T5s with the Freebird Campervan Conversion layout.

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VW Camper Interiors

Fitted to the highest standards with your passenger’s safety in mind, our senior fitter ensures a close fit and smooth finishand combined with our experienced engineering we bring expert attention to detail.

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VW Camper Interiors

We supply and fit REIMO elevating roof with strengthening frame, and roof bed to your own van. The low line REIMO roof elevates easily on hydraulics – you just push it up or pull it down.

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